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Welcome back to the Outlandish Entertainment, Zomz Production Blog! The holidays were relaxing and wonderful but now it’s time to get back to work. I’m ecstatic that you are here again.

So, last week we talked about the team here at Outlandish Entertainment and about subscribing to our newsletter! Please do that! Remember, all people subscribed to the newsletter will get a free “Fireside Roleplaying Game” E-book written by yours truly. The expected date of delivery for the finished E-book is within the month of February, so keep your eyes open for that!

What I would like to talk about this week is a combination of what we’ve learned so far in the eight months we’ve been in development but also why we decided to make the game we are making. I won’t go into as much detail as I can now as a means of not making this blog post unending, so I will continue to talk about lessons learned and story iteration throughout multiple blog posts.

Our original idea for Zomz was conceived years ago. I was in a rut emotionally having lost my dad to heart disease years before but also because I was in a bad place with my significant other at the time. Everything felt hopeless, which is an emotion that I got used to, but I never let it fully consume me. I always wanted to keep going which brought me to a thought. “In the face of all hopelessness, what do we do next?” As I see it there are two options. To stop, and stagnate yourself, or to keep moving forward. I chose the latter. But, the idea for Zomz was conceived was ultimately because one day I was wishing that I could control it all. Control the events, the emotions. If I could control everything then I could control my dad to come back to life. Thus, the idea for controlling zombies was born. (Obviously I don’t see my dad as a Zombie – just wanted to clarify that) But ultimately this is exactly what Zomz is. A game about controlling things that you would otherwise not be able to control, in this case, zombies.

When we first started pre-production for Zomz, back in April of 2018, we had grandiose plans for making this amazing game in four months. As you can imagine that didn’t work. I’m giggling to myself about it as I’m writing this post because of how silly it was to believe that at the time. We fully and passionately believed that we could meet the deadlines but ultimately we failed to meet them. However, that silly passion and yearning for discover and story-telling kept us going. Anyway, the game was so enthusiastic that we had to shorten it and lower scope in order to get everything done in the time we had. We planned to make only a tutorial level. But, nearing May 2018, and our graduation from the ETC, which would result in the separation of our team, we still didn’t have the time we needed in order to do what we wanted. After failing to meet our expectations for a second time we finally concluded…

Instead of making the game we wanted to make; the massive game that initially inspired us so much. We decided to make a prequel to that game about the main antagonist’s backstory. It wasn’t something that we saw very often in the entertainment world which excited us as a team. Especially considering that villains are something that very much intrigue us. I honestly think most of the time villains are more interesting than their protagonist counterparts. Which brings me to another point that not only is the Zomz franchise about Control, and Hopelessness, but it’s also about what it means to be a villain.

Now I’m sure some of you are thinking “Why make the story about three things? You can easily just pick one and be set with that.” I agree with you, but the thing isn’t that Zomz is about those three separate ideas. Instead, it’s about how those ideas are all part of the same cloth. You wish to control the things that make you feel hopeless, and hopelessness often brings out the worst in us which affects those around us. Villainy is subjective and purely relative upon that actions that we do onto others. So, who’s to say that we all can’t be each other’s villains?

Anyway, this blog post seemed to be WAY longer than I originally intended it to be, and I didn’t even scratch the surface. But, fear not! We will continue to talk about this and many other things over the course of Zomz production. Again, I hope everyone had amazing holidays with loved ones and relaxation time and I hope to continue to see you around. Please, if you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, and/or if you want to hear about anything specific. Please let us know in the comments below! But, until next time! Cya later!!


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